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Quilt with beautiful Batik.

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Fall Leaves

We are back from Jacksonville, FL.  It was a slow trip home due to traffic, accidents and rain.

The fall colors have started.  The Sumac, Virginia Creeper, Dogwood, and Sweet Buckeye have started showing their reds.  I love the warm colors of fall.  All I want to do and ride around looking for leaves and eating those candy pumpkins!


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Classy Classes

Come join us in our great classroom for a class this fall.  I have been adding classes to our online class list. You can sign up online, too.  I’m showcasing the three fabric bowl/basket classes we have coming up.  Very fun, fast – great presents.

Fabric Coiled Vessels by Sylvia Richardson will be a blast.  It is Saturday, October 2, 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Sylvia will embellish anything that stands still long enough and is so creative.  Sylvia wraps her cord with fabric strips and adds embellishments as she goes.

I think they look like an invitation to play.   Sylvia has a room of these great baskets.

Sylvia made this basket for me!!!  I am so lucky and Sylvia is so generous.

Patsy Goodin is teaching the Bali Bowl Class.

This method uses jelly rolls strips and there are no raw edges.

You can make a bowl, basket, tote, or more.  Saturday, Oct. 30, 9:30am – 4:30pm.  These baskets are habit forming!

I have been demoing them in our booth at shows.  Each show is another Christmas present off the list.

Much faster than you would think and so much fun.

No Sew Fabric Bowl will be taught by Anna Jones on Thursday, December 2, 6 – 9pm.

Really – no sewing.  You wrap and weave the basket with thick cording.  Very fast and beautiful.

Anna remembers making these years ago with macrame cord.  This was much more fun and kind to your hands.  Make several in time for Christmas.

This sample was made by Kendall Price.


Visitors and Goodbye Summer

It was in the 40’s last night here in the Virginia mountains.  Gorgeous.  Just 58 in the bedroom when I woke with all the windows open of course.  I love cool weather.  It’s been warm during the days and cool at night – perfect.

The hibiscus is on our front stoop in a pot.  It was a house warming present from our friend Laura.  We keep it in the greenhouse during the winter and it has graced the porch with blossoms all summer.  The coral color looks great.

Fall brings the turkeys into our yard and into the woods next door to sleep.  We wake with gobbles echoing through the trees.  Turkeys sleep in trees!!  Who knew?  Not me!

There are usually 14 – 18 turkeys in a group.  There are usually 2-3 hens and the rest are youngsters.  One or two hens are “guard turkeys”.  They are very vigilant watching for threats.

One time I watched them cross our driveway.  The guards crossed and then went halfway back.  The youngsters then crossed the driveway while the crossing guards watched.  It cracked me up.

The youngsters are all over the place and still look a little scruffy.  But they are big birds!  And they can fly in short, fast bursts.

This is probably our last big moth to see since it’s getting cooler.  They fascinate me.

I still haven’t figured out what type it is.  It was 2 -3″ long and I never saw it all spread out.  There are two “eyes” – one on each under wing.  The top wings are very intricately mottled.

It really was beautiful and fluttered noisily on the screen around midnight a week ago.  It then trembled but wouldn’t spread its wings so we could get a full picture.  Marty was out there in his pjs taking the pictures and I was adjusting the window.

Anyone know the type??