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Quilt with beautiful Batik.

Marti & Me

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The recent Marti & Me kits have been fantastic.  We have a Marti & Me Club which features a template and new pattern each month.  Members get the pattern free with their memberships and discounts on the featured products.

Zig Zag Geese is normally oriented turned 90 degrees.  But we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains so of course we saw mountains!  This quilt uses the Flying Geese Ruler.

Anna graded the batiks to showcase our ridges upon ridges in this area.  Fun to make!

Twisted uses both sizes of Drunkard Path templates to achieve an intriguing design.  Anna went hot with the batiks this time.

High Flying Kites uses the Kaleidoscope ruler and the Kite ruler.

All of these quilts have a pattern with lots of variations of design and size.  Check here for the patterns.


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