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Quilt with beautiful Batik.


Booth Merchandise Squeeze

We leave tomorrow for Paducah, KY.  We have an 8′ x 20′ booth.  I usually reserve more; I like 10′ x 30′.  But this is all we can get in Paducah.  So we are getting ready for the booth squeeze!  The pictures below are from Lancaster, PA.  We had a 10′ x 20′ booth which is a little easier but 8′ x 20′ is all we can get!  So get ready to squeeze.

Trailer packed

Here is our 10' trailer packed to the gills! The van is loaded down also.

Here is Robin hanging samples. The booth tables, electricity, and samples are done first.

Samples are hung and bolts of fabric are placed on the tables. Next come the boxes of half yard cuts of batik, fat quarters, kits, and patterns.

All put together with not an inch to spare! We even put lights under the tables for more display area.

Robin, Anna, and me (Carol). We are all ready for the first wave of quilters. The booth in Lancaster was between two loading dock doors and our samples kept blowing around. As soon as the show opened that problem was over - much warmer then too!

My sister Kathe and me. I usually have 4 people working in our booth. Since we were in PA and close to Kathe she joined us for the show. We had a grand time together. And yes, she really is that much taller than me!



Interlocking Hexagons

Yum Yum.  I love this Interlocking Hexagon quilt that Anna made.  It measures 41″ x 50″.  We had a great time picking batiks for it.

We have a kit that includes the pattern.

The pattern is also available by itself.

You will want Marti Michelle’s great Hexagon ruler too.

Think how great this would be for an I Spy quilt.  It really shows off the fabric, too.

Anna made the quilt for our monthly Marti and Me Club.  This is a mail order club that features one of Marti’s rulers and a great new pattern each month.

Marti’s patterns are so complete with multiple projects and lots of pictures.  They are free with your membership.

Or you can buy the patterns, kits, and rulers by themselves without being in the club.

The Interlocking Hexagons quilt pattern also shows a great way to finish the edge of a quilt without binding.  That’s worth the price of the pattern!

Check it out!


Quilts for Japan and Pulaski, VA

We had a ball sewing and quilting away in the Batiks Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics classroom on Saturday.  We had an enthusiastic turnout and enjoyed working, laughing, and sewing good wishes into these quilts!  Several people dropped by to leave quilts to be sent either to Japan for the tsunami victims or those affected by the tornadoes in our neighboring county, Pulaski, VA.

The classroom was filled with inspiration with all manner of quilts hanging on the walls.

We sent out for deli sandwiches to Fran’s Deli and enjoyed lunch, too.

We made several Quickest Quick Step Quilts which are quilt as you sew projects and feature two personalities.  This is Carol Britt’s pattern made even faster with no borders.  Here is Lisa Walker showing one she completed.

All of our great volunteers helped one another to increase our productivity.  Working as a team quilting and sewing is one of the joys of having a quilt shop.

We also completed several quilt tops that are now ready for quilting.  Six left over card trick blocks are bordered to make a really nice size lap or small bed quilt.  Cindy M is hiding behind this quilt top.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Community Quilt In!  Also thanks to everyone who donated quilt fabrics, blocks, and batting.

The Quilt In dealt with 24 quilts on Saturday!  Eight quilts are destined for Japan.  Four were made Saturday and 4 came from our stash of Comfort Quilts.

For Pulaski County, 10 quilts left with Chime S to be delivered to Pulaski families.  Five were donated by quilters who dropped by or mailed in quilts, 4 came from our stash of Comfort Quilts, and we finished one on Saturday.  Three more are almost finished and will travel to Pulaski next week.

Three quilt top were completed from donated blocks.  They are ready for quilting and binding.  Volunteers are welcome!

How exciting and fulfilling Saturday was for me.  It has always been important for me to share my love of quilts and joy in making them.  I also love to see others reaching out to those in need with a quilted hug.  Carol Britt

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Do You QIM?

Quilting Is Murder is coming!  It starts on May 1st.

Register to be a “quilt detective”.

A new installment of a quilt murder mini-series is posted each week.

Find the clues on each shop’s site each week and be entered to win prizes.

There are prizes each week and overall prizes.

The Killer Shops will have specials and intriguing merchandise!

We are a Killer Shop – of course!  We have Killer Batik and Killer Service!

QIM with us!


Tornado – Sew for Pulaski, VA

We live in the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains. We don't think about having tornadoes because of the mountains. This past Friday evening, Pulaski, VA (the next county to us) was hit with two confirmed tornadoes that did major damage.

Thanks to WDBJ 7, Roanoke, Virginia for these fantastic photos that individuals submitted.

Years ago, my Mother-In-Law's apartment complex was hit with a tornado in Raleigh, NC. Thankfully Lillie was with us for Thanksgiving. One of the things that struck me was the pieces of pink insulation EVERYWHERE. This photo shows that in Pulaski.

A lot of the homes were older with interesting architecture. I hope they are not lost. This neighborhood has a mix of home types and was an area I considered renting and then buying a home before I started the shop.

So what can we do for our neighbors? We can sew! We already have a Community Sew Day - Quilts for Japan scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at the shop from 10 am - 5 pm. We will add our neighbors in Pulaski as recipients of some of these quilts. We have lots of customers in Pulaski and they will direct our giving.


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Show & Tell

Joan S. sent us a couple of pictures of twin size quilts she made recently with Christmas presents of fabric from our shop.

Joan received a Signature Batik Fat Quarter pack and added some yardage.

She made this Rail Fence quilt and plans to bind it with leftover signature batik strips. Yummy.

The Signature Batik was designed by Carol and Marty to celebrate the store’s 20th anniversary.

There are several colors and are only available from Batiks Etcetera.

Joan used an Autumn Harvest Jelly Roll and added some Saltbox Harvest and yardage for borders to make this half log cabin quilt.

We are out of Autumn Harvest but Saltbox Harvest would give a similar feel.

It is so warm and cozy looking.

Definitely deserves the autumn and harvest names.

We love to see what you do with our fabrics!  Thanks Joan!  Carol