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Quilt with beautiful Batik.

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New Oreo & Orca Batik from Hoffman

Oreo, Orca, or Black great designs in black and white batik from the new fall line of Hoffman Batik.

We saw these designs being made and finished when we were in Bali in May.  Beautiful!

Here the Hoffman employees check EVERY yard of batik before it is approved for shipment. They run the fabric across a light table to watch for any problems in the base goods, dye, or stamping.

The care that is taken to make sure each piece is just right is so inspiring.

It is so amazing that these beautiful batik can be purchased for so little.  So much art, care, design, and effort goes into every yard.

Although I am showing so fantastic black and white today, every design comes in many fabulous colors.  Check it all out at what’s new at

The inspected batik is sew together end to end and then rolled on tubes for shipment to the US. They are broken down into the 15 yard bolts here in the states.

This photo shows several tubes of the Oreo butterfly ready to ship. You can see two other of the batik shown in different quality control stages.