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Quilt with beautiful Batik.

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Flannel Batik is one of the most gorgeous, soft, and tactile pleasures.  It may feel a little rough on the bolt but wash that puppy and it fluffs happily.

We have not been able to get patterned flannel batik for awhile but just received 32 bolts of gorgeous.  We offer a variety of colors, designs, and solid-y pieces.

Prewash your flannel batik to remove any remaining wax and any extra dye from the fabrics.  Remember this is Indonesian Batik made in Bali without washing machines and other benefits we take for granted.

I wash it with medium or high heat.  I finish the ends of the flannel before washing so I don’t lose much to raveling.

I am feeling a Quickest Quick Step in my future!

This pattern is ideal for flannel.  It takes just 9 fat quarters for the front and 9 for the back plus the borders and binding.

The Quick Step Quilt sews and quilts at the same time.  I enjoy giving each side a different personality in color.  It usually ends up hot one side and cool the other.

One side could be flannel and the other cotton batik!

Have fun quilting!  Carol Britt