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Quilt with beautiful Batik.

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New Oreo & Orca Batik from Hoffman

Oreo, Orca, or Black great designs in black and white batik from the new fall line of Hoffman Batik.

We saw these designs being made and finished when we were in Bali in May.  Beautiful!

Here the Hoffman employees check EVERY yard of batik before it is approved for shipment. They run the fabric across a light table to watch for any problems in the base goods, dye, or stamping.

The care that is taken to make sure each piece is just right is so inspiring.

It is so amazing that these beautiful batik can be purchased for so little.  So much art, care, design, and effort goes into every yard.

Although I am showing so fantastic black and white today, every design comes in many fabulous colors.  Check it all out at what’s new at

The inspected batik is sew together end to end and then rolled on tubes for shipment to the US. They are broken down into the 15 yard bolts here in the states.

This photo shows several tubes of the Oreo butterfly ready to ship. You can see two other of the batik shown in different quality control stages.


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New Bali Pops!

The new Hoffman Batik Bali Pops are here and they are gorgeous!

The Bali Pops are Watermelon, Key Lime, Cherry, Plum Pudding, Blueberry, and Coconut.

Click on any picture to go to our website for more info and to order.

There are free patterns using many of these and I will start by posting two of them here.  They are shown on our website Batik Etcetera under Free Patterns shown on the home page.

The first free pattern is Watermelon Shuffle by Marian Mapes and is 56″ x 66″.  We offer a kit for this quilt exactly as pictured.  I love this one and it would be pretty in any of the Bali Pops.  Consider different background colors for different effects.  Pale pink?  Light lime?

The second free pattern is Bali Love Song by Elisa Wilson using the Cherry Bali Pop.  It is 56″ x 56″ and has a great border.  We offer a kit for this quilt exactly as pictured.  Lovely!

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New Bali Pops!

The new Hoffman Bali Pops have arrived!  Yummy!

The coordinating fabrics won’t be here until the new year but you can get started on your quilts.

We will set aside border yardage for you, just let us know!

Click on the pictures for more info on each Bali Pop.

Some great free patterns from the Hoffman Fabrics site are shown here.  Click on the picture for the pattern download.

Margarita Sunrise uses the Mango Margarita Bali Pop.

Tea Time in Bali uses a previous Bali Pop, Green Tea but would be great out of any of the new bali pop flavors!

Green Tea Bali Pop is still available. Just click on the image. Gorgeous!

Breaking Waves is another free download.  It is shown with the Spumoni Bali Pop but would be great in some of the new color groups.  We still offer the Spumoni Bali Pop and have matching bolts.


Hoffman Booth – 2 Fall Market

This gorgeous quilt is Diamond Braid by Trish Stuart.

Our pretty fantastic Hoffman rep is Kim Deneault.  (She is pretty AND fantastic.) She is showing us some “headers” or samples of new batik.  We order EVERY new Hoffman Batik.  Sitting with Kim we just decide which ones we want two, three, or four bolts of!  What fun!

I really want to do one of Judy Neimyer's quilts. This one is called Raindrops. Isn't it beautiful? It used 20 medium/light batiks and 10 dark batiks.

Cute Cute Cute! This is Letitia Hutchings of Mount Redoubt Designs. There are 4 versions for the four seasons or four color preferences. We have the fabrics and patterns on order. Let us know if you want to be on the waiting list. I love Letitia's designs. They are so whimsical and colorful.

Here's the fall version. I love the squirrel.


Hoffman Booth- 1 Fall Market

So many fantastic photos to share.  I love Hoffman Batik and they never cease to amaze me with color, design and variety.  Spring 2011’s shipment will be no exception.  I will do two Hoffman Booth blogs since there are so many great photos.

The center quilt is called Summer Solstice by Judy Niemyer.  Gorgeous.  This pattern will be out soon.

The Bali Pop quilt on the table is from Cozy Quilt designs and is titled Margarita Sunrise.

It is a free download on the Hoffman of California site.  It uses a new Bali Pop soon to be released.

IT’S HERE!  The Mango Margarita Bali Pop has arrived.

Let me know if you wish to be on a waiting list or check here for other batik jelly roll combos.

Judy Niemyer's Weeping Willow pattern is stunning in Hoffman batik. I love the one to the right also called My Old Brown Shoe by Abbey Lane Quilts. The quilt at the left will be a kit in the spring. It is very manly.

The animals hanging at the top of the brown quilt are oven mitts!  They cracked me up.  The patterns have arrived called Kitchen Whimsey.

This is Mulberry Steps and is a free download from the Hoffman site.  And but of course, we will cut the kit when the fabrics come in!

So much eye candy. Any color combo you want was represented. There were several new lemon and yellow batiks. They are hard to find because they are hard to batik and dye.

That’s enough for today.  I want to escape to my studio for a few hours.  Enjoy!  Sew!  Quilt!

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Hoffman Geometric Batik

Hoffman of California Batiks for fall have arrived.  There are some standout geometric designs.  I’ve never seen anything like several of these.

The honey comb batik has great visual interest with the varying amounts of secondary color showing.  The lines and partial circles suggest energy and action.  The curlicues and waves offer a swirly design.

The circles/clamshells around a dot make me want to practice my machine quilting.  And those stripes – never seen the like!  The boxes just are so happy.

The purple square thumbprint is a repeat design from last season in a fantastic new color.  There just are not enough purple batik to make everyone happy.  Seaside dots bring a new color to a traditional design.  And royal blue – just shouldn’t be hard to find but it is.

The purple tossed seeds are intense in the red violet color.  Teal shows off in a pick up sticks design.  And we end this post with a tile design of dots forming diamond shapes.  This makes a tumbling blocks design.

Lots more to see:  check out the website at


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More Hoffman Fat Quarter Packs

Shaved Ice

More yum!  Here are the cool and neutral fat quarter packs of Hoffman Bali Hand Paints.  We call them “Almost Solids” and are also known by their pattern number 1895.  And that is NOT the price!  The Almost Solids are priced less than the batik with designs stamped onto them.


The batik with designs take a lot more labor and steps to produce and the process includes boiling off the wax.  The boiling does not really occur with the Almost Solids.  So, that means you should definitely prewash these batik.


These fat quarter packs include 20 fat quarters.  There are more colors of Almost Solids online.  We have more than 300 colors of Hoffman’s Bali Hand Paints Almost Solids.

Key LIme

The brown and beige batik are hard to find.  The beiges make great backgrounds.


I just realized the last two packs shown are Lime and Coconut.  So I’m out of here for dinner and a sip!