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Quilt with beautiful Batik.

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Dropped my grabbit!

I dropped my grabbit and thankfully it didn’t break.

It popped apart and the two magnets inside fell out of their places and pins went everywhere!

My dear husband put it back together but we got the magnets’ polarity wrong and created this grabbit with pin flower eyes.  It was so funny.

I tried to use it but it was not convenient.  So we popped it apart and realigned the magnets.  A regular useable grabbit resulted.

A joy to use.

My favorite pins are shown on the grabbit.



Tornado – Sew for Pulaski, VA

We live in the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains. We don't think about having tornadoes because of the mountains. This past Friday evening, Pulaski, VA (the next county to us) was hit with two confirmed tornadoes that did major damage.

Thanks to WDBJ 7, Roanoke, Virginia for these fantastic photos that individuals submitted.

Years ago, my Mother-In-Law's apartment complex was hit with a tornado in Raleigh, NC. Thankfully Lillie was with us for Thanksgiving. One of the things that struck me was the pieces of pink insulation EVERYWHERE. This photo shows that in Pulaski.

A lot of the homes were older with interesting architecture. I hope they are not lost. This neighborhood has a mix of home types and was an area I considered renting and then buying a home before I started the shop.

So what can we do for our neighbors? We can sew! We already have a Community Sew Day - Quilts for Japan scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at the shop from 10 am - 5 pm. We will add our neighbors in Pulaski as recipients of some of these quilts. We have lots of customers in Pulaski and they will direct our giving.


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Win Hoffman Batik from World of Quilts Travel

Click “Like” on World of Quilts Travel facebook page and be entered to win a stack of 5 yards of Hoffman Batik.  Click like before the end of the day on February 14th.  The winner will be announced on Feb. 15.

Deb Roberts is giving away the batik to celebrate another sold out tour to Bali.

AND SAVE THE DATE for our Batik Tour of Bali with Batiks Etcetera on May 4 – 14, 2012.  You have lots of time to save up!  Details will be available after July 2011.  We will explore Batik origins, make our own batik, and tour the Hoffman Batik factory. There will be time to enjoy the beauty of Bali and the Balinese culture.

Check out this slide show of the Bali Tour from 2010.  I can’t wait!  I’ve started exercising my walking legs!


Fall Colors

This is prime leaf peeping time here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Marty and I took our favorite leaf drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Doughton Park.  It is in North Carolina not far from here and has stunning overlooks.  Hawk migrations go over head and the hawk counters are just finishing their count.  So much to see!  I would love to make a quilt from these views.  Marty took these pictures with a long lens so the far away ridges showed up also.

We were driving along and saw this road sign.  We couldn’t tell what it meant.  The scary thing is if there is a warning sign, someone has done something stupid or unfortunate.  This road cut is quite steep and the drop off is severe.  I hope no one really went over the edge on purpose or by accident.  The sign cracked us up, though.

This last picture is the drop off from the other direction.  The shade is so intense, it is hard to get a good picture.  It really is straight down with lots of rock drop offs.  Scary.

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Small Town Fun

Saturday was a beautiful crystal clear day in Wytheville, VA.  I had a wonderful day working on a new quilt in the classroom and visiting with customers.  Our 28th Birthday Sale started and lots of people came to see us.

This is Fire Prevention Week and our small town has a parade!  It was the 25th annual parade and 400 units were expected.  We didn’t count.  It starts at 7:15 pm so it is dusk.

A parade of fire trucks, hook and ladders, emergency vehicles, rescue squad vehicles, and a few vintage trucks turn on their alarms, honk their horns, put on all their lights and parade down Main Street.  It sounds like Armageddon.

Our rescue and fire departments are volunteer with a few paid staff members so it is really a family affair.  People throw candy to the kids and wave.  I love seeing how much the kids get into it.  People sit in the back of their pickups and bring lawn chairs.  It continues for about a half an hour.

The different departments have sayings on their vehicles – their words to live and work by.  I never realized that.  “Everyone comes home.”  “First In – Last Out.”  I wish I had written down a few but I was too busy looking.  Everybody waved and cheered.

Several years ago we were in the Log House Restaurant which is two doors from our shop and were having a romantic dinner.  Then all hell broke loose.  We forgot it was Fire Prevention Week.

The restaurant was filled with tourists with worried expressions wondering if they should hit the floor.  We explained what was going on.  It was a very noisy dinner!  I can only imagine what all our town visitors thought.

Marty and I got KFC positioned our van for good pictures and waited for the fun.  I rolled up the windows so I could tolerate the noise.

It was the most fun date!  Home by 8pm.  We love our small town.