BATIKS Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics

Quilt with beautiful Batik.

Shop Tour

Our front door on busy Main St. in Wytheville, VA.

Our shop is located at 460 E. Main Street, Wytheville, Va.  We are in the old part of downtown in a house built in 1840.  The back section was added in 1992 and it became a bed & breakfast.  Carol & Marty Britt bought the building in 2001 and turned it into Batik Paradise!

From Main Street.

Inside front door

The floors, stairs, and windows are the original 1840’s building.  The banister is hand carved walnut.  Marty refinished it and it is sooooo smooth.

To the left of the front door starts our batik collection. The room to the left is the batik room and is one of the original rooms to the house.

Batik room entrance

Straight inside Batik Room

I’ll continue the tour as I have a minute.  Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Shop Tour

  1. Cool, cool shop!!

  2. oh…now we could do with a shop like that here in south africa!…

  3. Hmmmm. Do we need a franchise? Carol

  4. I wish I was close enought to come and visit. I will be going to Bali on a dive trip in November 2011 and wonder if you have any tips for buying batik’s while I am up there and the best place to go (I am also a Quilter in Perth Western Australia. Your shop looks great.

  5. I stopped at Heartwood and was really intrigued by Sylvia Richardson’s baskets. I am very interested in buying one of her baskets and was hoping to get in touch with her. I could not seem to find a website for her and would appreciate it if you had one if you could pass it along. If not, please give her my email and let her know I would be interested in seeing pictures of some of her work. Thank you.

  6. Hi Mary, Sylvia doesn’t have a website. I will give her your email address. She does beautiful work.

  7. I have just ran across your website. I was looking for Batiks. I love your shop, I do most of my fabric buying on the net as nothing but Wal Mart is around here. I know I am not probably at the right location to leave a request for emails, but I am busy busy shopping. Please if you do mailings would you please put me on your list. I love the fact I will be able to find any batik I need.
    Thank you so much
    Here’s doing business with you.

  8. I added you to our online email list! Thanks June.

  9. Do you particapate in any shop hops in your area? If so what is it called and does it have a website? Also what time of year does it take place? I pass through your area pretty often and try to include a stop everytime. I would love to be on your email list also. My friends are wanting to see your shop and we thought a road trip might be in our future.

  10. Hi Joyce, We do have a shop hop called the Quilt Shop Rally. It includes 6 shops but doesn’t have a website. Our next Rally is July 12 – 15, 2012.
    I’ll put you on our email list. We would love for you to come with your friends on a road trip. Always something new and fun to see! Thanks, Carol

  11. Hi Carol!
    I’m a shop owner in the metro Atlanta area and I just finished an appointment with David Brandon! He said to tell you hi if I contacted you…which I am! I’d love to visit your shop one day to see your batik collection…he said it is not to be missed!
    Hope to run into you soon!

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